Are you working TOO much? When to know how much is enough.

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

So I have to start off by saying that, working on your dream will feel like a continuous up hill battle. It will continue to feel this way for 2 reasons. Number 1 you let it, Number 2 because it is! But how do you know when to have a break? This is something I have struggled with for the duration of my journey on the personal development path and I am actually writing this blog at 22:56 on a Saturday, at work.

The questions you want to ask yourself when you feel like everything is getting on top of you should be something as follows;

1 - How much time have I, and am I willing to, put in to achieve my goal or dream?

I'm sure we have all heard stories of the millionaire that slogged his/her guts out in a garage for a decade and came up with Microsoft Windows or Apple etc. However, in my opinion, this isn't the way to go. Not only will you drive yourself crazy or run out of fresh ideas but you'll put yourself into an early grave because you probably won't be getting enough rest or fresh air. In my personal experience, you health has to come first. If you're not here, then neither will your dreams and ideas.

To solve this problem, allocate a certain amount of time to whatever it is you plan on doing. This will help you focus better, meaning you won't get distracted and it'll also keep your ideas as fresh as a daisy. For example, I've given myself about 30 minutes to write this before going to the land of nod.

2 - How bad do you want your dream?

During the process of my personal development, I have started to want it more and more. The picture below explain this a little better then I could. If you haven't already by the way, go follow the Millionaire Mentor on Instagram, he's amazing.

As you can see, it's starting process that is the hardest part. Once you make that first step, the rest will start to fall into place. When this happens you'll feel like you're invincible but don't get side tracked by that momentary feeling, stick to the plan you have set out.

You will get to a stage that you'll feel like the more you work on your dream, the more you'll get out, but this isn't always the case. Start like the picture and take it one step at a time. Make sure that, even if you think you're at the top of the stairs like the picture shows, you continue to learn on how to improve what you have done.

3 - Take a day off!

Having a day off doesn't mean you aren't doing anything towards your goal, it only means you are helping yourself to get there quicker. "But you have to work on your goals everyday for them to manifest, don't you?" While this is true, it's also complete nonsense. Let's say for example, you want to become the next Bill Gates and you start to make a computer program that will send man to Jupiter. And let's say that for your 9-5 job you're a data analyst and work in the corporate office building on the 3rd floor. Think of the amount of time you would spend in front of a computer screen on a day to day basis. 9 to 5, minus a 1 hour lunch break is 8 hours of work time behind a screen. Then you go home and work on Nasa's Jupiter Software for another 6 hours. That's 14 hours per day you'll spending sat at your work station staring at pixels until you eventually fall asleep.


Make a plan for the day you have off to automate, if you can, the things you need to do. Then, go outside, spend time with family, read a fictional book or one that doesn't stress your brain but keeps it a little active. Come back to your Nasa project the day after refreshed and ready to kick some ass.

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Every minute counts, so make it worth while. See you soon.

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