Got art?


1MM Design Competition

Are you an artist, designer or drawer? If so, then we would love to see your best work put into our Spring / Summer 1MM clothing line as a Limited Edition 1MM Tee. 


lo ve.png

Make a design

Come up with a design that you feel would win the competition. This could be a graphic, logo, piece of art or a drawing you have done. 


Post it in the 1MM Comp chat

Next, send your design into the 1MM discord group labelled "Competition Entry" in the Text Channels section. Make sure to put your name and gamer tag. If you are entering after seeing the competition in a 1MM Streamers twitch, then make sure to add the gamer tag of the streamer too otherwise your entry will not count.

T shirt logo for 1mm comp.png

Win your LTD Edition 1MM Tee

After the closing date, be sure to jump into the 1MM discord to vote for your favourite design. I know what you're thinking, but, no you can't vote for your own. 😝


Good luck!!

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Terms and conditions. 

This competition is for all members of the 1 Minute Movement community, whether a fan of a representative of 1 Minute Movement, 1 Minute Movement follower on a social platform or 1 Minute Movement streamer. This competition is open from 12pm GMT on 08/05/2021 and closes on 22/05/2021. Vote date for this competition is 23/05/2021. All entries must meet the entry requirements or will disqualified from the competition. Voters must NOT vote for their own design or they will be disqualified from the competition. Entries MUST be put into the 1 Minute Movement Discord "Competition Entries" section or they will not count. Prizes for the competition will be announced after ALL entries have been entered and the votes from the discord have been calculated. The winner will receive a one time prize of "1" free t-shirt with their design printed onto it. The winners design will be added to the Spring / Summer 1 Minute Movement clothing line. 1 Minute Movement is not responsible for the infringement of ANY copyright laws and is hereby granted amnesty from ALL claims against such matters. ALL parties with entries in this competition, acknowledge that all rights of content produced by the party/ies, are hereby handed over to 1 Minute Movement, this includes but is not limited to, copyright, trademark rights, design rights, database rights and any other rights of ownership to the content provided in this competition. ALL parties understand, the remuneration of ANY and ALL products sold by 1 Minute Movement that include the design from the winner, are NOT given to the winner. Remuneration of products that include the winners design will be remunerated SOLELY to 1 Minute Movement.