where we started.

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If you are new to our movement then welcome! We love to have new people joining our movement to improve themselves everyday and can not wait to help you on your path to greatness.

On this page you will find out all about us, where we came from, what we do and what our goals are.


We first started our venture onto social media as small 1 minute motivation clips, called 1  Minute Motivator, inspiring people to truly find what they want to do with their lives. This went well for the first months before unfortunately, due to a change in jobs and not enough time, (Douglas Fleming, Founder) had to drop the whole idea.

After a great deal of hardship and hitting rock bottom, I (Douglas Fleming) started to focus on getting my life together by putting myself into the right head space and DECIDED that I wanted to live out the life I knew I deserved. Getting to this stage now, this helped me to understand that my true purpose is to help others to live out their dreams. It really isn't as hard as people think!


After restarting the 1 Minute Motivator videos in January, due to the high volume of interaction, we had to change up our name and brand to reflect our growth hence the change from the 1 Minute Motivator to the 1 Minute Movement. 4 months in, we have a website which you are currently on, our Instagram account which is where you will find our canvas prints and we now have our TikTok up running with a little construction still needed.

We also have a sister page on our Instagram which is solely dedicated to traveling and adventurous activity showing you what is possible if you trust in the process and follow our step by step guide that will be coming soon so stay tuned! 

our goals

Our Goals

  • Our No#1 goal is to become the worlds best known and most used company for personal development.

  • Our second goal is to help as many people as we can to reach finical freedom after starting their journey to the top. 

  • Our third goal is to expand our reach and platforms, with one we are working on as this is being written, which will accelerate learning and hold all the information needed to help you reach YOUR goals.

  • Our fourth is to grow our own knowledge and skills to help more and more with any venture they wish to pursue.